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Summer is here!

Moving from Spring into Summer, we notice a large increase in calls relating to hornet, wasp, moth and ant infestations. There are a variety of reasons that lead to increased pest problems throughout the Spring and Summer. This blog article will highlight how to identify common spring and summer pests you may encounter. How to keep the pests at bay during the warmer months alongside natural pest control methods you can implement at home. And, signs that you should call in the professionals.

Pests you will find in Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire

Most insects and small creatures hibernate in the winter months. This can cause problems if you find pests resting and hibernating in your loft, attic or cellar. However, as we move into spring and summer, the temperature gets warmer and as a result, leads to an increase in insect and animal activity. Did you know, Insects are cold blooded, and their metabolism is very greatly influenced by the temperature of their bodies, which temperature is almost entirely dependent on that of the surrounding environment. This is why wasps and hornets, also come out during Summer, causing damages and irritation if left untreated. TP Pest Control, offer hornet and wasp removal ( throughout the south coast.

This is why, you will find a whole array of insects in particular, causing more problems throughout the summer months. Due to Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire, being a county located near the coast, all the regions have a varied and diverse range of pests that can become a nuisance in the summer months. To find pest control services near you, click here. Or, if there is a specific service you require, simply search ‘hornet and wasp removal near me’ for example.

Some of the common summer pests in the South Coast include:

Wasps: These aggressive insects become more active in the summer and can be a serious nuisance to humans and animals alike. Their stings can be painful and can cause anaphylaxis in some people. You certainly don’t want a wasp infestation, which are common in lofts and attics alongside untouched corners of commercial properties

Ants: Ants are common across the whole country, during the summer months, particularly around homes and gardens. They can be a pain to deal with, as they are attracted to sweet and sugary substances.

Flies: Flies are another common summer pest, and they can be particularly problematic around areas where there is food waste or animal excrement but, on the whole, don’t cause many issues. They usually indicate poor sanitary conditions.

Moths: Moths can be a problem in the summer, especially if they find their way into homes or businesses. They can cause damage to fabrics and food.

 Hornets: Besides their extensive nests that cause damage to property – Hornets are more dangerous, with a more potent sting than bees or wasps. They are naturally more inclined to aggressive behaviour, and therefore can cause harm to people, children and pets. If you believe you have a hornet problem, you need to get in contact with a hornet and wasp removal service as soon as possible. 

Call in the professionals!

Covering all seasonal pests TP Pest Control Services provide free site surveys and recommendation on how we plan to treat and proof your premises. Working all year around, TP Pest Control guarantee consistent and continuous professional services, no matter the weather or time of year. For professional pest and vermin treatments give us a call for a friendly same day service.

We offer a whole array of services you can view here, from ant control, flea fumigation, fly control and more, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. When it comes to summer pests, DIY solutions can often be ineffective and only last for the short term. We provide full sanitising and cleansing treatments for any of your pest needs to ensure you have no pests for the rest of your Spring and Summer.

If you need pest control in Wiltshire, Hampshire or Dorset, head over to our directory page to see if we provide service in your area. Or, simply give us a call or an email and our team will get back to you asap. Providing 24/7 support, no matter the infestation