TP Pest Control Services managing director Terry Walker has been passionate about deer conservationwelfare and management throughout the UK for over 30 years.

Holding the British Deer Society Level 1&2 qualification he currently manages deer on long term contracts on over 14,000 acres.

In the UK we have two native species the Red and Roe Deer, we also have non native Sika, Fallow, Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac. In Dorset you can find five of the size deer species in abundance.

Maintaining a healthy viable population takes many hours of observation before a decision is made on how we may control the numbers. Fencing, deterrents, and ultimately culling some deer benefits both the farmer/land owner and the herd itself allowing the rest to stay healthy and forage freely.

All of the pictures on this page were taken by TP Pest Control Services as when not working the Managing Director can be anywhere from Poole to Scotland taking pictures of the deer he is so passionate about.

TP Pest Control Services manages deer throughout the UK, our furthest long term contract being in Scotland. Passionate about deer and their welfare please do give us a call for advice and management. Our services are Discreet and Professional with all work carried out humanely.