Dorset on the South Coast has many properties with overhanging trees and bushes, combined with a growing population of Pigeon and Gulls. TP Pest Control Services have been using and recommending Europe’s number one best seller when considering leaf and moss guards, The Hedgehog Gutter Brush.

With a manufacturers 10 year guarantee, a stainless steel core and polypropylene bristles we do not use any other form of gutter protection. Please beware there are plenty of other choices which look the same but they are absolutely inferior.

Give TP Pest Control Services a call as preventative action will be far cheaper than your drains being blocked at the foundation and the builders needing to dig up your drive to rectify the blockage which can see costs quickly escalate into 1000’s of pounds.

We offer a FREE complimentary service, visiting your property to discuss your requirements, and will happily prepare for you a no obligation quote.

Whilst measuring the property if birds are contributing to the gutter issues we can combine the quote for gutter clean and gutter brush fitting with a quote for fitting bird spikes at the same time. The gutter brush and bird spikes compliment each other very well.