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Pest Overview

Pest  Preview – Where did they all come from?

Another more obvious question should be why? Is there something within the area that’s died in the case of Bluebottles? Is there an attractant which is appealing to the Fruit Fly or have you been bitten around April onwards which will more than likely be the Blandford Fly.

Dorset and the surrounding areas being largely rural leaves us with more than our fair share of flies, especially those that bite.


How we help
Free Site Survey

TP Pest Control Services provides a thorough on site survey which is without obligation and completely FREE of charge.

All our pest technicians are courteous to be on time and all hold the Royal Society for Public Health certificates amongst other industry leading qualifications.

We are fully insured and all of our vans are totally discreet without sign writing

Control Method

We will discuss the most appropriate control methods following a thorough site survey. We will endeavour to where possible choose the most environmentally aware solution whilst eradicating the problem as quickly as possible. In some cases especially within the hospitality sector, hotels, restaurants and bars it may be necessary before a residual spray treatment takes place to jet wash drains and sewers.

We also offer ( EFK ) Electronic fly killer installations aswell as fly traps, fly papers and fly screens/curtains. For beer gardens and restaurant dining areas we also have excellent fly lures alleviating customers from becoming distressed.

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Facts about the pest

Fly - Diptera

Facts about Flies

The scientific name for flies is Diptera, simply meaning two wings, nearly all of the 100,000 species worldwide fall into this category.

Flies have extremely short lives, on average lasting around 30 days, however within this time the adult can lay in excess of 500 eggs. Flies are one of the pest species hazardous to health and need to be treated by a professional

Cluster Fly – Pollenia rudis, Common Housefly – Musca domestica, Stable Fly – Stomoxys calcitrans, Blowflies including Bluebottle – Calliphora vicina, Greenbottle – Lucilla spp, Flesh Fly – Sarcophaga spp, Fruit Flies – Drosphila spp, Horseflies – Tabanidae, Sewage Flies – Psychoda,

The Blandford Fly has been a historical nuisance to the residents of Dorset due to its biting. Treatments on the River Stour, including North Dorset, East Dorset and Poole have seen a reduced number of reported incidents.

The larvae usually emerging from the river in late April and are sprayed to prevent them reaching adulthood. The Blandford Fly biting season is from the end of April to the end of June.

TP Pest Control Services

Why choose us?

TP Pest Control Services deal with all fly infestations throughout Dorset and the surrounding areas. Commercially we tend to deal with the Fruit and Sewer Flies as these are more common in restaurants, bars and the catering industry. We also spray domestic ponds preventing Fly Larvae reaching adulthood.

We offer a friendly discreet service, are fully insured and all our technicians take pride in their work. Call us now on 01202 971741 or myself directly on 07557880872.

Trading Standards Rest Control

Trading Standards Reviews

  • We could not be happier

    Terry and his lovely dog Max provided an excellent service. The work was carried out professionally with comprehensive advise and Max was quick to find the rat entry points. In total we had three visits and proofing done on the property and we could not be happier. Highly recommend TP Pest Control. Thank you again Terry & Max.

    December 2021
  • Totally satisfied

    Excellent service from Terry who was both friendly and professional, explaining his strategy to deal with the rat infestation. Totally satisfied and highly recommended.

    December 2021
  • Would recommend this firm

    Terry was very professional & thorough. We had rats in our attic which he advised on getting rid of. Would recommend this firm.

    December 2021
  • Tremendously caring and supportive

    Terry was incredibly knowledgable, we were filled with confidence and totally assured by him that, no matter what or how long, our problem would be resolved. Tremendously caring and supportive, telephoned frequently. We could not have had a better service from anyone.

    July 2021
  • Would recommend him to all friends and family

    Terry was very professional, explained in full what he would be doing and when we returned to the property he again explained the way forward would recommend him to all friends and family. Very efficient job.

    June 2021
  • Excellent service from Terry (and the adorable Max - the Famous Rat Detection Dog !)

    Excellent service from Terry (and the adorable Max - the Famous Rat Detection Dog !). Terry was professional, friendly and clearly explained the 3 visit process - which has worked well. He was able to advise on ways to prevent a repeat of the rat problem a huge thank-you to Max & Terry.

    May 2021
  • Very efficient

    Terry was very efficient and explained what he was doing to get rid of the rats which had taken up residence under my shed.After 3 visits and advice to not feed the birds as this encouraged the rats it looks as if the problem has been resolved.

    April 2021
  • Thanks to Terry I am now able to sleep at night!

    Terry was extremely friendly and very thorough. He located the problem and discovered I had both rats and mice.He fitted 11 covers over all the vents outside my bungalow, set traps and eradicated the problem in three visits. Thanks to Terry I am now able to sleep at night! I would thoroughly recommend TP Pest Services for any pest control.

    March 2021
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