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Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

There is currently an epidemic of Bedbugs throughout the South Coast. Bedbugs are a brown/dark red insect with the adults growing to nearly 6mm almost the size of a Ladybird. The little blighters love nothing more than to suck the blood from their host’s neck, chest and arms as they are attracted by the carbon dioxide in your breath whilst you are sleeping.

Although painless at the time, the bite of a bed bug will often become swollen and itchy, as they inject saliva when feasting which can be quite an irritant to some people especially young children.

Bedbugs are able to go long periods of time before needing another blood feed, infact they can last upto a year without feeding which is something that makes an infestation difficult to control with over the counter publicly available treatments. This really is a job for a Professional Pest Controller.

Black faecal blood spots on bed sheets and in the seams of mattresses are a sure sign of bed bugs. Its time to call a professional.