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Rat Catcher bags The UK’s Biggest Rat.

The UK’s biggest rat was caught in Bournemouth

Max The Rat Catcher Strikes Again-TP-Pest-Control-Services Bournemouth

Picture of Max the Manchester Terrier from TP Pest Control Services of Dorset with the 21-inch Rat

The biggest Rat ever caught in the UK was a massive 21-Inches long!

“Max from TP Pest Services of Bournemouth has only gone and done it again!”

Terry Walker the owner of Bournemouth based Pest control company “TP Pest Control” said:

“I simply cannot believe it, this is by far the biggest rat I have ever seen in over 20 years of working as a pest control professional, I can’t take all the credit however as it was Max the terrier who played the vital part in catching the UK’s largest Rat, I have never seen anything quite like it!”

After going viral back in January of 2017 in all the UK newspapers and mainstream media for catching what was thought to have been at that time Britain’s Biggest Rat measuring a massive 19-inches. Max the Manchester Terrier has beaten his own record for catching Britain’s Biggest Rat all over again as you can see from the picture below, Britain’s largest rat is a 21-inch monster!

Terry Walker From TP-Pest-Control-Services-With Biggest Rat in the UK

Picture shows the largest rat ever caught in the UK

TP Pest Services are specialist Rat Catchers servicing the areas of Poole, Bournemouth, Ringwood, Ferndown and beyond. On this particular Friday TP Pest Services had been called out behind some local shops in Bournemouth to deal with the growing rat problem in the area. It was near the bins behind the shops where Terry Walker, a professional pest controller with over 20 years experience and the owner of TP Pest Control Services, trapped the monster rat behind the shops in an alley before sending in his trusted partner “Max the Manchester Terrier” who quickly took control of the situation.

Max from TP Pest Control Services with the biggest rat ever caught in the UK

A Picture of Max from TP Pest Services after catching the 21-Inch Monster Rat in Bournemouth in November 2018

The Biggest Rat Invasion Yet!

“Rats invade thousands of homes throughout the UK daily and the problem is not going to go away anytime soon”, Terry Walker from TP Pest Control Services said. “this 21-Inch rat is the proof that not only are there more rats in the UK than ever before, they are getting bigger by the year!”

Terry went on to say that:

“It is believed that there are around 2000+ rats per square kilometre of sewer in the UK, so we are never more than 6-10 metres away from a rat no matter where we are in the country. Dealing with rats is becoming ever more of a challenge as they are becoming ever more resistant to poisons, you should always use a professional rat catcher or pest control expert to help remove rats before they spread disease or attract more rats. It is vital that we manage and dispose of waste correctly and make sure we keep communal areas clean and tidy at all times, to avoid attracting rats and other unwanted vermin into our gardens and homes. If you require information on how to best deal with rats, you should contact your local pest control expert for helpful advice and information.”

Picture of Terry Walker from TP Pest Control Services holding a rat that was caught by Max the Terrier.

Picture of Terry Walker from TP Pest Control Services holding a rat that was caught by Max the Terrier.

News of the capture of Britain’s Largest Rat of 21-Inches traveled fast throughout the UK, with many newspapers and local and national radio stations carrying the story, just like back in 2017 the story has this time gone viral once again, many online blogs and news websites and newspapers have featured the story including the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.

To listen to the broadcast on the Jeremy Vine show please click here.

21-Inch Rat story live on the Jeremy Vine Show BBC Radio 2

The news that TP Pest Control Services of Bournemouth had captured the largest rat in the UK, a 21-Inch rat reached BBC radio 2 and was aired live on the Jeremy Vine show on the 20th of November 2018. Click the link to listen to the show.

Have you seen a rat in your home or garden?

If you see a rat in your garden or in your home then the first thing you need to do is to call in the experts. TP Pest Control use a range of techniques each uniquely tailored to the individual circumstances, this can include the use of toxins that are not available for the public to buy on the high street, we also have a vast amount of experience in baiting rats and trapping them and of course, we have Max the dog who currently holds the record for catching the largest rat in the UK!

TP Pest services are based in Dorset, they cover most areas throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and beyond, they have the in house capability to handle all types of pest control services from small pest problems in homes and offices to large pest control contracts for companies and businesses, in both urban and rural settings. If you have a rat problem then call out the most famous pair of rat catchers in Dorset; Terry and Max from TP Pest Services!


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Daily Star front page showing Britain's Biggest Rat caught by TP Pest Control Services

Max & Terry from TP Pest Control Services of Bournemouth have caught the UK’s biggest rat.