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The Best Pest Control in Poole – Rated By Three Best Rated

TP Pest Control Services are ranked “Best Pest Control in Poole” by Three best rated!

The Director of TP Pest Control Services Mr Terry Walker, had the following to add:

” I am really pleased to be acknowledged for the 3rd year in a row by “” as being one of the top three best rated Pest controllers in Poole! “

As a result, TP Pest Control Services has been featured clearly on the “Best Pest Control In Poole” listings page now for 3 years in a row!

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Poole and Bournemouth Wasp and Hornet Removal Services

Wasp removal Poole

Find out what others are saying about TP Pest Control Services on the Trading Standards website. 

“Very quick and efficient service to rid us of a wasp nest that unfortunately had got aggressive.
Came out on late Sunday evening which was very much appreciated.”

Terry Walker “owner and Director” of Bournemouth based Pest control company “TP Pest Control” said:

“Due to last years infestation of Wasps and Hornets we were five times busier than we normally would be with callouts across Poole and Bournemouth! 

On any normal day, we would have been called out to deal with two to three wasp nests and or hornets nests, however in summer of 2018 we were dealing with up to 5 times as many wasp removal services every single day”, Terry Walker, the director at TP Pest Control services went on to say that “according to Google Trends, the search term “Wasp” was searched more than it ever has been before within the last 5 years in the month of August” 2018.  Google Trends. Continue reading

The UK’s biggest rat was caught in Bournemouth

Max The Rat Catcher Strikes Again-TP-Pest-Control-Services Bournemouth

Picture of Max the Manchester Terrier from TP Pest Control Services of Dorset with the 21-inch Rat

The biggest Rat ever caught in the UK was a massive 21-Inches long!

“Max from TP Pest Services of Bournemouth has only gone and done it again!”

Terry Walker the owner of Bournemouth based Pest control company “TP Pest Control” said:

“I simply cannot believe it, this is by far the biggest rat I have ever seen in over 20 years of working as a pest control professional, I can’t take all the credit however as it was Max the terrier who played the vital part in catching the UK’s largest Rat, I have never seen anything quite like it!”

After going viral back in January of 2017 in all the UK newspapers and mainstream media for catching what was thought to have been at that time Britain’s Biggest Rat measuring a massive 19-inches. Max the Manchester Terrier has beaten his own record for catching Britain’s Biggest Rat all over again as you can see from the picture below, Britain’s largest rat is a 21-inch monster!
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The Life Cycle of a Wasp

Life Cycle of a Wasp

It is now officially spring and we can look forward to longer days and warmer weather. Spring time is the beginning of the wasp season, as the the queen wasps come out of hibernation and begin to build their nests. Inevitably wasps nests will be found on properties and can be potentially very dangerous, so it is important to understand and know how to deal with them. Read on for all you need to know about wasps, from their life cycle to locating a nest and getting them removed from your property. Continue reading

Britain’s Biggest Rat

Britain’s Biggest Rat

Britain's Biggest Rat

We have recently caught what is believed to be Britain’s biggest rat! Rats are becoming an increasing problem for homeowners and businesses across the UK, their numbers are increasing as they have become resistant to various traditional poisons that are commonly used to kill them. We are also seeing an increase in the size of many rats that we catch.
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Getting Rid of Bees

Getting Rid of Bees

Summer is here, time to learn about getting rid of bees! With this warmer weather, larger numbers of bees will soon be on us.

With a number of different species of bee living in the UK, knowing how to treat them can be difficult. This article will outline the key features to help you recognise the common species as well as information on getting rid of bees should they be a problem.

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Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

There is currently an epidemic of Bedbugs throughout the South Coast. Bedbugs are a brown/dark red insect with the adults growing to nearly 6mm almost the size of a Ladybird. The little blighters love nothing more than to suck the blood from their host’s neck, chest and arms as they are attracted by the carbon dioxide in your breath whilst you are sleeping. Continue reading